Due to the overwhelming support on FB we have had over 1 million queries for our products. Just to let you know …sometimes shipping is expensive from Kenya to your home so please support us even if you purchase a product for local orphanages. They love our products and it is a way of educating them about recycling and marine conservation so don’t let shipping keep you from supporting us.

We are a close family at Ocean Sole. Together we work hard, play hard and spend our time worrying about the plight of our oceans.

Our website is to show our story and our initiative as well as our wonderful works of art. If you would like to buy one of our sculptures, please see below a reseller closest to you or email solemates@oceansoleafrica.com


At Ocean Sole our mission is to turn flip-flop pollution into art and functional products to promote our oceans. We are a Kenyan social enterprise who focuses 100% on conservation entrepreneurship.

We have been advocates for ocean waste solutions since the first flip-flop was picked up by our Founder on Kiwayu Beach in Kenya. Since then we have been turning ocean trash into cash for our employees and eco-system.



      Karen Village, Ngong Road

      Nairobi, Kenya

      +254 727 531 301

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