Creating Masterpieces


Every year thousands of tons of flip-flops and other marine debris wash up onto the shores of the Kenyan Coast.


Flip-flops are collected by workers and volunteers from the beaches and waterways on a continuous basis.


These flip-flops are consolidated locally in local ocean communities and get prepared to be sent to Ocean Sole.


Thousands of kilos of flip-flops arrive to Ocean Sole’s factory covered in oil, sand and dirt.


The flip-flop pollution is then weighed and counted by Ocean Sole for payment by each kg.


Ocean Sole then uses eco-detergent to rinse, scrub and clean the flip-flops for use in our art.


The clean flip-flops are sorted by colour and are ready to be used by the artists to create our masterpieces.


Our artists prepare the flip-flops by joining like pieces together with glue to create a block which is the basis for a sculpture.


Now the artists begin to plan the sculpture by sharpening their knives, measuring the size and carving the art begins!


The basic of the sculpture is completed and then our artists sand the pieces, to help create a smooth finish and add the desired details needed.


When the art is completed, the production team tag the products and ensure they are clean and ready for shipping. 


Finally our art is ready to find a new home for our special and lucky clients!  We pack them and ship our sculptures globally.