The tallest and most popular of all, out elegant giraffe has been made up to life size. Carved by Charles


Our neighbouring gorilla’s now one of the top endangered species come in all colours. Carved by Fred


Simba, our powerful lion is the premium of the safari collection, coming in all sizes and colour. Carved by Raphael


Representing our African rhino, which is hugely at risks we have made life-size rhinos to bring awareness to their near distinction. It comes in all sizes and colour. Carved by Munyao


Although Zebras are normally black and white, Ocean Sole makes zebras to stand out from the crowd with all our flip-flop colours! Carved by Shaddrack


Our sweet round hippo is one of the most popular, coming in all sizes and colour. Carved by James Kimeu


Pumba, the famous pig has a personality that represents his charm, intrigue and relentless pursuit in the bush for food.  They come in all sizes and colours. Carved by Musembi


Our beautiful elephant represents our African elephant, which is now on the vulnerable endangered list. We have made life-size elephants to put into office lobbies.  They are amazing. Carved by Kaloki