Wall Art


One of the original Big 5, and everyone’s favorite, our buffalo is something spectacular to place between those paintings or on one of your walls. Carved by Raphael


Our Simba. Lions  are the most social and loved felines on earth, however, this lion can stand strong as wall art in your home! Carved by James Malelu


The largest terrestrial animal on the planet, our beautiful elephant wall art shows the true beauty of these animals. Personality plus!! Carved by Briant.


Although one of the most dangerous animals in Africa on land, our hippo is too cute to even think this! Carved by Charles


With all five species of rhino on the endangered list, we do everything to bring awareness that the rhino is a truly amazing creature and we must look after them! Carved by Jonathan.


Although found in the snow and standing apart from the safari wall art, the reindeer will stand the brightest and boldest on your wall–especially during the holidays! Carved by Briant